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Our Purchase Process

Step 1

Schedule an Initial Call
(303) 226-8735 |
This call lasts about 20 minutes and allows us to learn about you and your goals.

Step 2

Apply Online
Our online application takes 15 minutes to complete and is a secure portal to upload your basic financial documentation.

For more complex scenarios (like self-employed borrowers), you may need to speak with us again prior to looking at options.

Step 3

Learn About Your Options And Get Pre-Approved

This meeting with Dave (in-person or via Zoom) will last one hour where you will learn about your loan options, the mortgage process, interest rates, and closing costs.

Once you are fully educated, we will issue your Pre-Approval Letter!

Our Refinance Process

Instead of just throwing out a rate over the phone like most lenders, my team and I take a more comprehensive and deep approach to really make sure a refi would make sense with our clients. Mortgage financing and life are complex and by taking a deeper look at the whole picture, it allows us to really help educate our clients through the process and make sure we take care of you. The best part…..we do this comprehensive analysis for FREE, regardless of if you decide to move forward with us or not!

Here is what the process looks like so that we can put together an analysis for you:

Step 1

Gather the Facts
Here we will gather basic information about your current loan and your goals for the refinance so that we can make sure we are presenting you with the best possible options

Step 2

Analyze the Facts
After we have the information we need, my team and I will analyze everything to ensure a refi would make sense and if so what type of loans might work best based on the goals you have. If for some reason we can’t meet your goals and or we feel doing a refinance might be a bad idea we will let you know.

Step 3

Review the Options
Assuming a refinance makes sense and meets your goal(s) above; we will schedule a 30-minute zoom meeting with you where we will go through a comprehensive Total Cost Analysis to show you the refinance numbers vs your current loan and how doing a refi meets the goals that you have.

Step 4

Apply Online
Lastly you will start an online application so that we can lock the loan and get the file started and into processing & underwriting. You will start the application here: Apply with Dave

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